A place that meets all your needs for living-space, working, entrepreneurial and interpersonal alchemy.


You can participate in this community by invitation or pre-qualification only.


No openings available as of yet.  Monday, April 1st, 2024.


LabHabitat™ Future.  Renewable Materials.  Living building.

LabHabitat™ in a converted office building near you.

LabHabitat™ interconnecting communities at higher levels.

LabHabitat™ Elegance. © Image courtesy of SmartWalls™.



LabHabitat™ Green Office.



LabHabitat™ Community Greenery.



LabHabitat™ Wellbeing.  All machines generate kinetic energy.



LabHabitat™ Modular Market Design. © Image Courtesy of SmartWalls



LabHabitat™ My Kitchen Design. Urban Vertical Agriculture. Aeroponics and Aquaponics systems.



LabHabitat™ SisPod™ Design.

LabHabitat™ Intelligent AI Computer and HVAC Solid State Systems.


Official Strategic and Exclusive Component Partners of SmartWalls™ for Urbana Systems™ Turnkey Conversion Solutions™

A Breakthrough in Cooling and Heating

No Freon – No Compressor – No Moving Parts






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